Online Gas Analyzer

Short description

Industrial explosion-proof design, suitable for online analysis of multiple components in reaction gases, switching detection can be performed on the gas path through valve switching.

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Technical highlights

 • Multi-component: simultaneous online analysis of multiple gases

 • Universal: including diatomic gases (N2, H2, F2,Cl2, etc.), isotope gases (H2,D2,T2, etc.), and can detect almost all gases except inert gases

 • Rapid response: Complete a single detection within seconds

 • Maintenance-free: can withstand high pressure, direct detection without consumables (chromatographic column, carrier gas)

 • Wide quantitative range: detection limit is as low as ppm , and the measurement range can be as high as 100%



The gas analyzer is based on the principle of laser Raman spectroscopy, can detect all gases except inert gases, and can realize the simultaneous online analysis of multi-component gases.

•In the petrochemical field, it can detect CH4 ,C2H6 ,C3 H8 ,C2H4 and other alkane gases.

• In the fluorine chemical industry, it can detect corrosive gases such as F2 , BF3 , PF5 , HCl, HF etc. In the metallurgical field, it can detect N2 , H2 , O2 , CO2 , CO, etc.

• It can detect isotope gases such as H2 , D2 , T2 , HD, HT, DT.


The gas analyzer adopts the quantitative model of multiple standard curves, combined with the chemometric method, to establish the relationship between the spectral signal (peak intensity or peak area) and the content of multi-component substances. Changes in sample gas pressure and test conditions do not affect the accuracy of quantitative results, and there is no need to establish a separate quantitative model for each component.


Typical applications


Product specifications

Principle Raman scattering spectrum
Laser excitation wavelength 532±0.5 nm
Spectral range 200~4200 cm-1
Spectral resolution At full spectral range ≤8 cm-1
Sample gas interface Standard ferrule connector, 3mm, 6mm, 1/8” , 1/4” optional
Pre-heating time <10min
Power supply 100~240VAC ,50~60Hz
Sample gas pressure <1.0MPa
Working temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
Humidity 0~60%RH
Chamber size 600 mm(width)× 400 mm(depth)× 900 mm(height)
Weight 100kg
 Connectivity RS485 and RJ45 network ports provide ModBus protocol, can be adapted to many types of industrial control systems and can feedback results to the control system.


Through valve control, it can achieve the following functions:

Monitoring the content of each component in the raw gas.

Alarm notification for impurity gases in the raw gas.

Monitoring the content of each component in the synthesis reactor tail gas.

Alarm notification for the excessive emission of hazardous gases in the synthesis reactor tail gas.


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